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Facilities Chair

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This course has been designed to provide the Facilities Chair with a full dive into our reservations system. We cover how to begin the process of reviewing your facilities with a primer. We then dive into the reservations set-up itself.   It also includes a side lesson on taking a payment when facilities require some type of payment. We cover payments via a Product or a Form and give you advice on when to use a form or product.

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Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Lessons
    • Review of your clubs facilities & reservation needs
    • Reservations
    • Building a form to take a reservation & pay

Course Information

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

Jen Yonkos Jen Yonkos Instructor

With over a decade of experience providing software support, Jennifer enjoys helping her users solve problems. She lives with her husband and daughter & swimming is her favorite form of relaxation & exercise!



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