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Basics Plan

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Welcome to Training!

This video series will take you from Member Splash novice to expert in no time.  This training course has been designed to provide your staff with an overview of the entire Member Splash system.
We highly suggest that all staff members complete this training. In addition to this overview, we also offer role based training that can be completed once you have finished your Onboarding training. New customer Onboards will receive a One-on-One 30 minute Zoom Training session to review your setup and to answer any questions your team may have. When you finish your online training course, please contact your Onboarding specialist to schedule your One-on-One session. Please have any active board members create a free account and view our Onboarding Training Courses before scheduling your One-on-One session. For existing customers, once you’ve finished the Onboarding courses, please feel free to begin our Role Based Courses, also accessed from the MSU portal. Role Based Courses are designed with specific administrative roles in mind and tailored to address tasks typically assigned to your role at the pool. < Back to All Courses


Estimated Time: 71 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner


  • General Overview 
    • Your Credentials
    • Member Splash Menu versus WordPress Menu
    • Waitlists/New Applicants – getting accounts into the system
  • Member Splash Menu
    • Dashboard & Admin tab
    • Membership
    • Reservations and Front Desk
    • Finances
  • WordPress Menu
    • Member Splash Settings 
    • Payments
    • Products
    • Wrap Up & Next Steps
  • Wrap-up and Launch
    • Setting up Mailchimp & sending your 1st Email!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 71 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Jen Yonkos Jen Yonkos Instructor

With over a decade of experience providing software support, Jennifer enjoys helping her users solve problems. She lives with her husband and daughter & swimming is her favorite form of relaxation & exercise!



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